10 Online Dating Mistakes to Avoid


Online dating is definitely one of the advantages of the internet technology. It is a wonderful chance wherein people have the best opportunity to search, communicate and meet person from other continent. However, even though there are effective tips that you have to remember in order to really succeed, it is very important also if you are knowledgeable with these 10  dating mistakes to avoid.

  1. Not Showing Too Much Interest

One of the most common mistakes that you can do is not showing much interest, which means, if you like someone do not just send him or her a simple wink or hello sticker. Try to be courteous by sending a personal message.

  1. Not Sending Quality Photo

Remember that first impression last, if you want to make sure that you can be noticed right away, it is very important if you can send your best photo.

  1. Sending Boring Topic

Do not just send a subject that looks like you are just one random guy. If you want to get noticed, it is very essential if you can send a subject that will catch the attention of someone you are interest with.

  1. Too Long to Send Back Message

Once you have already established a good rapport with someone you are interested with, it is important that you must get back to him or her right away. Even if you are busy at work or home, make sure to respond to such messages

  1. Asking Personal Details Too Soon

Do not assume right away that the person will give you his or her personal information right away especially if you are just known each other for few days online. The person will feel offended if you kept on asking his or her personal details too soon.

  1. Making Sexual Innuendos Right Away

You may be physically attracted with that person but when it comes to online dating, do not be a pervert. If you are looking for someone who can be with you then be sure to control yourself first. There’s time for everything, so just wait

  1. Not Being Honest

Even though you don’t have to tell him or her everything about your life, it is important if you can be more honest with your online date. Make sure that you can be honest with your real feelings, interest, likes and dislikes.

  1. Not Being Confident

When you sign-up to on any sites, it is very important if you have the right confident. This is because if you are not that confident, it will reflect this on how you present yourself to others. It can be difficult for you to present yourself to others.

  1. Falling in Love Right Away

When it comes to find the righ “one”, it is also essential if you can take your time as you look for the right person that can match with your personality. Since this is online, do not be carried away, take your time as you know the person well.

  1. Pretending to Be Somebody Else


Do not pretend like you are someone like posting someone else photo or creating a profile that is not really you. This is a mistake that you have to avoid.


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