5 Red Flags that Tell You It’s Not ‘The One’

Not my type

There are instances wherein we are able to tell that our date is not the one we need. It is important to know what your ideal person to become aware on the type of person to go on in a date. People tend to become perfectionist when it comes to dates making them feel disappointed when their dates did not meet their expectations. There is a need to set date goals to be guided on what to do during the date and to have the chance to know the person better. Do not jump into conclusion saying that your date is not your type. Take time to discover the characteristics of the person and wait for the signs that would tell that it’s not the one.

5 Red Flags telling that it’s Not the One

  1. Keeps on talking about the past. It is not normal for people to talk about the past especially when they are together with their present. This is one of showing that you are still interested with your ex and a sign that the person doesn’t move on yet. Situation like this would allow you to conclude that this is the sign that it’s not the one that you should commit with a relationship.
  2. Hurrying for a relationship.   It takes time to know a person better. First date is not enough for you to tell that you are now ready to settle in a relationship. Relationship that are not time tested would lead to a failure and if the person is hurrying you to be in a relationship, he is probably not serious with you. There is no need to hurry because if you love the person, you are willing to wait even if it would take years.
  3. Not letting you touch the phone.   Serious relationship would let both to know private things and information with each other. If you are not allowed to touch the phone, then this is probably a reason that it’s not serious with you and for you to tell it’s not the one who worth your trust.
  4. Does not want to be with you in a public.   Definitely the sign that the person is not proud with you and an immediate sign that you can see that it’s not the one you need. This simple act would make a person feel unimportant and probably may think that you are hiding something.
  5. Telling not ready to settle.   This is probably the hardest sign to accept. If the person is telling you that he is not ready for a relationship and you just ignore it, it may seem that you need a slap to get back in reality. This would give you an idea that you are not the type of person that he needs.

The signs would be a great factor in deciding for the right one. Signs that are telling you it’s not the one would give you the chance to find for the right one who would make your life complete. This may also help you to avoid uncertainties from being on the wrong person and the chance to have future dates that are worth trying.

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