8 Red Flags to Spot Scammers

 It is true that online dating can be an awesome way of finding your soulmate. However, not everyone is lucky enough to find their happily ever after. Unluckily, some are trapped on scammer’s hand. Be cautious, crooks, scammers, offenders are everywhere. Know the red flags to skip from their thorny agenda.

  1. Profile and Self-Description.Photos can speak so many things. Outdated photos, out-of-focus or no photo at all could be a sign that the account user is hiding something or isn’t serious about dating. Tons of photos can indicate being self-absorb. Self-description may also reveal a hidden intention. So when you find the description quite weird or irrelevant, better stop communicating with them.
  2. Wealth Trappings. Posting exotic cars, pictures in foreign settings, mansions, and any other lucrative images may be an indication of wealth trapping. Real people often do possess nice stuff and go to magnificent places, however, overuse of these visual hints are usually practiced by scammers. Scammers usually fabricate an illusion of their claimed wealth to grab the attention of their targets. So, don’t let this beautiful, enticing pictures deceive you.
  3. Asking to leave the dating site. Most of dating services usually monitor and ban members who are perpetrating scams or exhibiting problematic behavior, so con-artists always want to move their targets elsewhere. Most of the time scammers will reason out their membership expiration. Moving off-site prior to the scam lessen the victim’s chance to identify the crook and report to relevant site.
  4. May-December. Scammers are usually up to vulnerable people- men and women who seemed desperate to get attention. They usually take advantage of people’s vulnerable points. For example, a person who is overweight typically has low self-esteem. But this self-confidence is uplift when someone affirms them. The crook then lavishes the person with flattery and attention.
  5. Linguistic anomalies. Strange word selections, bad grammar and linguistic gymnastics are also sign of foreign scammer. When you read an email and find that the sentence structure is quite strange, then better to ask questions. Moreover, if the account user profile indicates a college degree but can’t even string sentences together, then you’ve got a reason to leave a room for doubt.
  6. Geographical Challenges. It is rare for a crook to meet their target in person. Usually, when you ask them for a meeting they will give you lots of reasons why they can’t. Sometimes, their photos didn’t even match the location indicated on their profile.
  7. Requiring too little or too much. If the person seemed to don’t care, there is a greater chance that they are either up on somethings.
  8. Disaster Strikes.When a person send emergency messages and ask for your help, especially if it involves money, it will be an absolute indication of a scam. This will be further proven when they become more desperate once you decline. Of course, you wanted to help. But before doing so, learn first if the disaster is really true or just a fabricated illusion.

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