How to Flirt Online With Class


Flirting online is possible. How? That is what we will unveil here. Generally, online flirting is no different with flirting in person. But of course, you need to find the right strategy to make it appear with class rather than being a tease. And eventually achieve your goal- make him ask you a date! How will you do that?

  1. Start an interesting conversation.

Everything will begin with a simple conversation. If you want to start a conversation, you need to find a topic to talk about. A simple “hey”, “you’recute” or what’s up” will never go anywhere. Better avoid that. Instead, say something that will elicit response but not something like innuendo or a crude joke.

You can also start conversing through using compliments. Accept it. Everyone likes compliments. Men love to hear and know you consider them to be fascinating, capable, smart and funny. Women love the appreciation for beauty. Just make sure the compliment sound sincere and is really genuine.

  1. Get the person talking

Conversation is the key, but keeping it for hours may be difficult. Remember that people talks when they are at ease. If you intend to have a flirty, fun conversation, make the communication easier through asking questions and through becoming a good listener. Get the conversation with more about him and less about you.

  1. Be yourself

Oftentimes, the other person also wants to know about you as much as you want to know about him. Don’t be ashamed to show off the real you. Besides, faking yourself will just lead into nowhere. Never be afraid to share your interests, accomplishments, passions, and interesting experiences and even plan for the future.

You will more likely to gain attention and even dates through showing confidence to share to the other person some of your personal stuff. Revealing real glimpses of the real you and the things you care about will likely to draw the right person to you.

  1. Be genuine and show a clear interest

It isn’t enough to say “Nice chatting to you”. It’s a common line and likely to be placed in the jus-being-polite category. Instead, add something which will make it clear to the other person that you are open to have another conversation. Nevertheless, don’t exaggerate things. Making the other person feel appreciated is enough. Asking a night out can wait.

  1. Be Persistent

Flirting also requires some effort. If your first attempt failed, then try again. Don’t take a failure as negative. Sometimes, the other person declines your interest because they are looking for something else. Don’t let a failure discourage you. Keep everything lighthearted and remain approachable.

Don’t think that you are never good at flirting and you can never do it. You may fail at first but just like anything else, practice can make everything easier. Even if ‘flirting’ skill does not come out naturally, there is always hope. Use the abovementioned techniques and go from on bearing a notion that flirting is an essential evil that can help you on searching for a connection and eventually sharing yourself.

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