When to Give a Second Chance to a Terrible First Date

Why Second Chances

Giving second chances are only for those people who are brave enough and willing to take risks. Second chance to a terrible first date should be given to people whom you think deserve it to prevent it from happening again. When are you going to get ready for a second try? Dates should be memorable that is why it should be planned properly. Terrible dates may be resulted from incompatibilities that both of you have but this also should be given another chance.

Reasons When to Give a Second Chance

  1. Your friends are telling you that you should take another try. After assessing the first date that failed through a conversation with a friend, listen to comments and feedbacks to be guided on what to do on the second date.
  2. There is no one to blame on the terrible first date. If there were uncertainties that happened on the first date, you should be open to try another date in order to see if it will work or give happiness on your part. We cannot blame the situation knowing that circumstances are not in our control that is why there is no reason to blame something and second date may be the reason for achieving the kind of date that we want.
  3. Taking assurances. There is nothing wrong to hope for second chance in dating the same person again. If you think that the person you dated does not deserve a second chance, you can try meeting other person to try something new. Most of the time, second date is when you would find your potential match.
  4. Terrible first date got nerves in the way. Instances that ruined your first date would make you feel that second date is needed for you to become confident and comfortable with each other that would lead to knowing better each other.
  5. Physical attraction. This is considered to the main factor that affected your first date. We need spark in order for the date to become successful on the second time. If you feel that the person is not your type physically, try a second chance to find out what it would give you. This may give you a time to talk with each other and would start a new friendship that may lead to a relationship.

Having a perfect date is not that easy to achieve. There are many things to be considered especially when your first date was terrible for it not to happen again. Second date would become even more meaningful if both of you are willing to meet again. Take note that most of the successful relationships resulted from a second date because this is the time when both of you are willing to settle what should be that not happened during the first date because of circumstances. Second date may be the solution to the failure of the first date that is why it is best to give another chance and to become happy as well.

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